Skilled Employer Sponsored (Regional)

Subclass 494

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The subclass 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored (Regional) visa replaced the subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa) on November 16, 2019. The 494 is a provisional visa ( valid for 5 years), requiring the main applicant to work and live in a regional area, continue to work with the employer for at least 3 years before they can apply for the 191 Permanent visa.

Requirements for Main Applicant

  • Under 45 years of age at time of application
  • Competent English
  • Employed in the nominated occupation for at least 3 years with a full-time position.
  • Have Positive skill assessment- have skill level required for the nominated occupation
  • At least 3 years full time work experience
  • Application can be lodged offshore or onshore

Requirements For The Employer

  • Be approved standard business sponsor
  • Conduct Labor Market Testing
  • The employer should be located within the designated regional Australia (everywhere except Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)
  • The position should be included to the list of eligible occupations
  • Position should be a full-time basis available for at least 5 years
  • The Position is genuine and consistent with the nature of the business
  • Employers need an approval from the RCB
  • Employer should pay for the required Annual Market Salary rate

All visa 494 holders must start work within 90 days upon the visa approval, provided they only work within their nominated occupation and work for their nominating employer from regional Australia.

Benefit of Subclass 494 Visa

  • Lower staffing cost for employers with only one SAF (Skilling Australians Funds) Levy stage for the subclass 494 nomination
  • Eligible for a Medicare on 494 visas without required health insurance
  • Can apply for permanent resident visa without a second stage Employer nomination

PR Pathway

  • Should be a 491 visa holder for at least 3 years
  • Complied with the conditions included on their visa
  • Meet the minimum taxable income requirements
  • Show earnings of at least $53,900 per annum for your three years of stay

Your partner can also be a main applicant for a 191 visa if they can demonstrate all the criteria.

Department fee:  Main Applicant $4,045 – $2,025 18 over – $1,010 under 18. * as of (date)

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Our services cover the entire process from the skills assessment, RCB application, employer nomination and visa application including any dependents included in the applicaiton. We have a team of lawyers and migration agents who specialize in Employer sponsored visas and will be working together with you to make sure all everything is followed through thoroughly.

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